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Journal Articles

[1]Bennett, P., Bonacina, I., Galesi, N., Huynh, T., Molloy, M. and Wollan, P. 2017. Space proof complexity for random 3-CNFs. Information and Computation. 255, (2017), 165–176. ⇨ doi

[2]Bonacina, I. and Talebanfard, N. 2016. Strong ETH and Resolution via Games and the Multiplicity of Strategies. Algorithmica. (Oct. 2016), 1–13. ⇨ doi

[3]Bonacina, I., Galesi, N. and Thapen, N. 2016. Total Space in Resolution. SIAM J. Comput. 45, 5 (Jan. 2016), 1894–1909. ⇨ doi

[4]Bonacina, I. and Talebanfard, N. 2016. Improving resolution width lower bounds for k-CNFs with applications to the Strong Exponential Time Hypothesis. Inf. Process. Lett. 116, 2 (2016), 120–124. ⇨ doi

[5]Bonacina, I. and Galesi, N. 2015. A Framework for Space Complexity in Algebraic Proof Systems. J. ACM. 62, 3 (Jun. 2015), 1–20. ⇨ doi

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Conference Articles

[1]Atserias, A., Bonacina, I., De Rezende, S., Lauria, M., Nordström, J. and Razborov, A. 2018. Clique Is Hard on Average for Regular Resolution. to appear in 50th Annual ACM SIGACT Symposium on the Theory of Computing (STOC’ 18) (2018). ⇨ doi

[2]Bonacina, I. 2016. Total Space in Resolution is at Least Width Squared. 43rd International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming – ICALP (2016), 56:1–56:13. ⇨ doi

[3]Beyersdorff, O., Bonacina, I. and Leroy, C. 2016. Lower Bounds: From Circuits to QBF Proof Systems. 7th Conf. Innov. Theor. Comput. Sci. – ITCS (2016), 249–260. ⇨ doi

[4]Bonacina, I. and Talebanfard, N. 2015. Strong ETH and Resolution via Games and the Multiplicity of Strategies. 10th International Symposium on Parameterized and Exact Computation – IPEC (2015), 248–257. ⇨ doi

[5]Bonacina, I., Galesi, N. and Thapen, N. 2014. Total Space in Resolution. 55th Annu. Symp. Found. Comput. Sci. – FOCS (Oct. 2014), 641–650. ⇨ doi

[6]Ateniese, G., Bonacina, I., Faonio, A. and Galesi, N. 2014. Proofs of Space: When Space Is of the Essence. Security and Cryptography for Networks - 9th International Conference – SCN (2014), 538–557. ⇨ doi

[7]Bonacina, I. and Galesi, N. 2013. Pseudo-partitions, transversality and locality: A Combinatorial Characterization for the Space Measure in Algebraic Proof Systems. 4th Conf. Innov. Theor. Comput. Sci. – ITCS (2013), 455–472. ⇨ doi

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Space in weak propositional proof systems

PhD thesis

[1]Bonacina, I. 2015. Space in weak propositional proof systems. Sapienza University of Rome. ⇨ doi

This thesis was awarded “Best Italian PhD Thesis in Theoretical Computer Science” for the year 2016 by the Italian chapter of the EATCS. It was published with Springer in January 2018.

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Here is the list of my co-authors: Giuseppe Ateniese; Olaf Beyersdorff; Patrick Bennett; Leroy Chew; Susanna F. de Rezende; Antonio Faonio; Nicola Galesi; Tony Huynh; Massimo Lauria; Jakob Nordström; Mike Molloy; Alexander Razborov; Navid Talebanfard; Neil Thapen; Paul Wollan.

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